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Are You Looking for Firework supplies in Camden, London?

Prty Prk Fireworks are your premier destination for all Firework solutions for any occasion from New Years celebrations to Anniversarys and Birthdays.

Give Prty Prk Fireworks a call today on 020 3302 5532 or 07810 440 262. We have a knowledgable team who can advise you on the best types of Fireworks to give your celebrations the best bang and lightshow in town!

We have loads of selection boxes, cakes, catherine wheels & rockets in stock TODAY, ready for your collection.

Best of British

Strobing dahlia bursts to magical blue to red colour change bursts, to large palm and peony bursts & crackling willow finale.

Huge sky filling effects and a great finale piece.

30 Shots, 50 seconds.

Diamond Selection Box

Our value for money Diamond Selection Box, Contains 19 Firework.


Great cake with a range of effects such as multi-colour peony bursts, comets to palm bursts, red blossom strobes, intense time rain with a multi-coloured noisy finale.

Great duration makes this an excellent cake on its own or as part of a display.

160 shots, 90 seconds.

Emperor Rocket

A truly huge and impressive shell burst filling the sky!

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We also sell Fancy Dress & Party Balloons for all occasions
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